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The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

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Many things have changed with the mobile phone since it first came out, but SMS has stayed by its side. There has been a lot of reliability and efficiency in text messaging for almost as long as mobile phones have been around. This makes it a great way to market your business. It’s important to use marketing tools that are quick, direct, and powerful, which is what SMS is.

What is SMS Marketing?

Text message marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and value-driven ways to get new customers, build brand awareness, and increase sales. Email, video, and social media are some of the most popular ways to market and communicate. People can get text message alerts right on their phones from businesses that use text message marketing.

Any good text message marketing starts with a keyword and a shortcode.

Types of SMS Marketing

There are two types of text message marketing, which are called:

  1. SMS: Alphanumeric messages of 160 characters or less can be sent through the Short Message Service (SMS). SMS marketing could be used to send special offers or sales discounts, send information about a new product launch, and more.
  2. MMS: It’s called Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and it lets you send multimedia content like pictures and videos, as well as text messages that are longer than 160 characters. MMS marketing could be used to send product information, send promotional videos, and more.

Advantages of Short Message Service Marketing

SMS marketing is a good way of grabbing the attention of the potential audience. This can lead to the growth of the business to newer heights. Following are the advantages of SMS marketing which is important to study:

  1. High open rates

One of the best things about bulk SMS marketing is that text messages get the most attention than phone calls or emails do. Text message marketing services are great for businesses that want quick and effective customer service. 98 percent of the messages sent are opened, so Short Message Service marketing services are great for businesses that want quick and effective customer service.

  1. The conversion rate will be better

Even though there is a lot of use of instant messaging apps, the benefits of SMS in business are still many. It’s still better than all of its newer competitors at getting people to buy things. It’s much more likely for people to go to your business and take action on promotions or offers that you send out via text message than it is with any other marketing service.

  1. SMS marketing is cheap

To add to the benefits of bulk SMS marketing even more, there are Cloud messaging services, which make SMS marketing a very cheap option. It’s easy for businesses to send a lot of text messages to a lot of people with cloud telephony providers’ SMS API or their own platform. This allows them to reach a lot of people quickly. The cost of SMS marketing is less when compared to other forms of marketing such as billboards and TV commercials, as well as mobile ads and magazines.

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