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What is WhatsApp Marketing? A Beginner’s guide

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If you use Whatsapp correctly, it can be just as important as other types of social media if you do it right.

Here is a quick overview of what you need to know about whatsapp marketing. We’ll go over everything from setting up a simple account to more advanced marketing strategies.

If you want to know how to do more advanced marketing, you need to know what WhatsApp marketing is and why it’s important before you do.

Is it possible to make money with Whatsapp?

You can use the popular “WhatsApp” messenger app to market businesses, products, or services. This is called “Whatsapp marketing.” Businesses may be able to use this channel to reach a lot of people who are interested in what they have to say, build strong relationships with customers and prospects, and make more sales and profits.

Because it’s good for marketing.

In addition to text messages, Whatsapp is used for voice calls and video calls, voice messages, photos, documents, videos, and locations. It is free and reliable.

Here are some important stats that will help you understand why you should think about using Whatsapp to market your business:

There are a lot of people who use it to communicate with each other. Most people use WhatsApp at least once a month.

It is the 3rd most popular social media site in the world, and people use it a lot. More than 390 million people in India use Whatsapp every month. In 180 countries, it can be used in about 60 different languages.

Most people who use Whatsapp more than once a day use it more than once a week.

How does Whatsapp marketing benefit you?

It has been found that Whatsapp marketing is very good at promoting brands, products, and services. Using WhatsApp is a great way to improve your marketing strategies.

Whatsapp is a good way to spread the word about a business.

Relationships with customers or prospects that are very strong

People who use messenger apps feel more connected to a business than people who don’t. So, WhatsApp marketing has been proven to be a good way to build a strong relationship with both current and new customers. Properly managing relationships with customers helps businesses save a lot of money because it costs less to keep a customer than to get one.

If that wasn’t enough, Whatsapp can send personalized messages like birthday greetings or welcome messages. You can also get personalized special discounts. These personalized approaches help brands keep in touch with their customers on a deeper level.

A significant rate of conversion

Choosing the right way to get in touch with new customers is very important. When people don’t like phone calls and emails aren’t easy to get to, WhatsApp can be a good way to start a conversation with new customers. According to reliable data, around 40% of people who want to buy from you on WhatsApp respond to your messages.

However, good messaging helps brands get people to buy their products. Studies say that connecting with potential customers through messaging after the first contact could increase the conversion rate by 112%.

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