ORM in Digital Marketing: What is its Role?

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) refers to managing and improving your company’s reputation in the digital world. In essence, ORM ensures that your brand maintains its reputation, impacting how customers interact with your brand and whether they are willing to recommend it to others. However, due to the complex nature of this process, it’s often challenging to understand ORM’s role inย Digital Marketing and why businesses should practice it.

What is ORM in Digital Marketing?

ORM is one of four main components inย digital marketing and stands for Online Reputation Management. The primary goal of ORM is to maintain a positive reputation for your brand and prevent harmful content about your brand from spreading on social media.

ORM should be considered an ongoing, long-term process rather than something you do once to improve your image online.

Examples of ORM in Digital Marketing

The most common examples of ORM in digital marketing includeย SEO (Search Engine Optimization),ย PPC (Pay Per Click), andย email marketing. However, other forms of ORM are helpful for digital marketers. These includeย social media marketing and blogging to drive traffic to your site, for Example – OYO rooms, Nike, etc.

Importance of ORM in Digital Marketing

ORM in Digital Marketing plays a vital role in attaining business goals and ultimately helps an organization achieve high conversion rates.ย ORM (Online Reputation Management) increases customer engagement and improves user experience by making it easier for customers to find what they want.

Role of ORM in Digital Marketing:

In recent years, ORM, or online reputation management, has become an essential aspect of digital marketing. Let’s have a look:

  1. Monitor Online Reputation

    One of ORM’s most valuable functions, online monitoring reputation, can work wonders. A professional who can identify and correct reputational problems before they spiral out of control. You can seek to control what gets posted about you on any given day, but sometimes you’ll have to let it go and move on.

  2. Avoid Potential Loss of sale

    ORM should help save a customer from getting lost, helping them take action instead of leaving your page or abandoning a shopping cart. Also, it means that you need to avoid potential loss of sale. To succeed with ORM, you have to understand and accept that it’s better to spend little money on something that makes people happy than on something they dislike.

  3. Increased Conversions

    Although there’s a lot of talk about finding customer personas and creating targeted marketing campaigns, one ofย digital marketing’s leading roles has consistently been increased conversions. ORM plays a significant role hereโ€”notably, it takes on-site visitors’ data and uses it to find more people like them who you can market to. The best strategies don’t waste your money by targeting irrelevant traffic; they show ads to people who are already likely to convert.

  4. Better Brand Perception

    It is, therefore, possible to interact with brands without ever physically interacting with them. If a company could increase its social media presence and better market itself on social media, it could quickly build a brand that people can look up to and respect.

  5. Brand Loyalty

    More users are showing their loyalty toward brands rather than apps. There is higher brand loyalty for stores like eBay and Amazon than for individual apps. This makes it harder to get downloads from users who prefer shopping through a platform like eBay or Amazon over individual apps.

  6. Improves Visibility

    They plan to improve Visibility by allowing users to take a picture of whatever they want, which will appear on their device’s camera as a marker. This is especially useful when GPS signals are low or no landmarks around.

  7. Provides Insights

    Many developers are now more concerned with building apps that provide insights rather than simply entertaining users. Developers are also providing their users with better controls to manage data privacy.


We hope these top trends are helpful for app developers to consider when building new apps and making strategic decisions on improving existing apps. Ultimately, we predict that these trends will all be around throughout 2022, but we may not see them as dominant or all-encompassing as they are today.

Technology is a quickly moving target, so keep your finger on it by reading more about mobile app development, and stay at least one step ahead of the game by considering how your app fits into these trends now!

Frequently Asked Question

1. How does ORM help?

ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is a pattern and technique of object-oriented database programming that specifies how an application interacts with data stored in a relational database.

2. How do you maintain ORM?

ORM is pretty easy to maintain. The most important thing is to ensure that you do not forget about any of your models and that they are all being kept up-to-date with new versions of your application.

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